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Very Important: Canyon Lake is a gated community...

to preview the homes and amenities,  it's absolutely necessary to call ahead for an appointment! is made possible in part by Maria Suttle, Realtor ® ...
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Luxurious Waterfront Homes
*Homes Overlooking the Canyon Lake Golf Course*
Properties Near the Lodge, Tennis Courts, and Pool
*Park-Side Properties*
*Homes Within Walking Distance to Shopping*
Properties with Spectacular Lake and Mountain Views
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Maria Suttle, Realtor ®
Helping buyers and sellers of real estate
in Canyon Lake since 1988
951 244-8888

Maria Suttle, Realtor ® ...  California Dept of Real Estate License #00993453 


    Maria Suttle, Realtor ® ...  California Dept of Real Estate

License #00993453


Call Agent Maria Suttle, Realtor ®  
(951) 640-4156


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Misc information:  Canyon Lake's residential community has homes both on and off the lake. 

There are various kinds of residential properties, including condos, golf course homes (located in near proximity to fairways), waterfront homes (homes with property lines on or near the shoreline).

There is also a mobile home section; and a few homes are in the "estate acreage" section, in which properties are all in larger (acreage) sizes.

Most but not all of the residential community is within the gated area. 

A great amount of further information about the community, the lake, the rules and so on can be accessed via the POA website. (See link on the main page of

The zip code for canyonlake is 92587. 

Canyon Lake CA is in the 951 area code. 


A bit of the history of,, and is a community oriented website experience, designed to provide a variety of entertainment and useful links for the benefit of the local residents.  The "patriarch site" of this, the current generation of Canyon Lake's original websites,  was created and introduced in the 1990's by Ton Suttle, a local real estate broker (California Real Estate License #00672983) who originally used the site primarily to highlight new Canyon Lake real estate listing information.   It rapidly evolved into a general Canyon Lake links page, used by a large number of Canyon Lakers (most of whom were, in the mid 1990's, just beginning to experience the internet).   The name of the original site "Gate88" was chosen because it combined the word "Gate" - a reference to the gated residential portion of the community - with the year 88 (1988), which was the year Maria Suttle (California Real Estate License #00993453) first began selling property in the community.   "Gate88" turned out to be a website name with a "ring" to it that was easy to remember, as many internet users soon discovered.   Eventually "sister sites" were formed to include other upscale communities.  The newest name of this site, "" was chosen to reflect the fresh, current nature of the site, which is devoted to the community of Canyon Lake.