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 Since Canyon Lake enjoys a "heartland" location in Southern California, Canyon Lake  residents enjoy centralized access to a vast array of sporting activities and venues throughout Southern California.  From Lake Havasu to the Pacific Ocean... From San Diego Bay to the water and snow-oriented resort communities of the Big Bear region...  any Southern California sports venue can be just a day's outing for a Canyon Lake resident.  Included in the following are various sports, clubs, and teams representing  just a few of the sporting interests of many Canyon Lake residents. 

General Sports News
Today's Los Angeles Times Sports Pages
Sports Illustrated Online, Standard Edition
Sports Illustrated Online, Kids Edition
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    Fitness and Triathlon
    Canyon Lake Fitness and Triathlon Club Website

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The Storm

(Storm Stadium is a few minutes west of Canyon Lake)
San Diego Padres
Anaheim Angels
Los Angeles Dodgers

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    San Diego Chargers

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The Amateur Softball Association
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 Tennis One
Tennis Magazine

Canyon Lake Tennis Club

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Surfing and Body-Boarding
(The ocean is just over the hills to the west, 
and quite a few Canyon Lakers like to go for it! This section is for them.)
The California Surf Museum
Surfer Magazine
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Some general information about Canyon Lake California:  Canyon Lake is one of California's smallest cities, and is widely regarded as one of America's favorite recreational communities, with fishing, boating, and lots of water-oriented "fun in the sun".   Canyon Lake is located in Southern California, approximately centrally located among three cities with national name recognition (San Diego, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs).  Most Southern Californians are also familiar with nearby Temecula, a city known widely for its annual "Rod Run" and "Balloon and Wine Festival"... and  Canyon Lake is about 15 minutes north of that community.  Sports venues throughout Southern California are accessible in a day's outing from Canyon Lake.   From the San Diego Bay to the ocean surf of San Clemente to the major sporting arenas of Los Angeles and Anaheim, to the water and snow-ski resorts of the Wrightwood and Big Bear regions, any of these Southern Cal sports venues can be enjoyed in just a day's outing from Canyon Lake.  But for obvious reasons, most Canyon Lake residents prefer to just hang around home, invite friends and family over for the weekend, and have fun in their own "bit of paradise".